Sunday, March 14, 2010

And so it begins.....

I have always, always, always enjoyed cookies. I looked in my baby/childhood book and on one page the question "What does Anna-Lisa spend her allowance on?" was asked. A sibling was filling this page out for me and the reply was, "Anna-Lisa doesn't spend money, she saves it. Unless it's cookie day at school."

Cookies are my most extreme tasty treat weakness - not chocolate, not cakes, not ice's really just cookies. My most favorite cookie is a sugar cookie with pink frosting so you can imagine how much I love Valentines Day! One of my other extreme weaknesses if hydrangeas, the flowers above that I crawled through at the Bellagio so I could get my picture taken with hydrangea's surrounding me.

Back to cookies -
I'm starting this blog up for my own sake. I want to capture all the sugar cookies and cupcakes that I create and store them somewhere. I figured a blog is as good a spot as any so here goes. Well, I just found out that my St. Patrick's Day cookie pictures that Pat took on Thursday were all erased on accident....I didn't think that losing pictures happened anymore in the digital age but I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles! (I'm sorry, sometimes I can be horribly pun-y.) And of course, we can't take anymore pictures because the cookies are gone. It's Sunday - I told you sugar cookies are my weakness! So, to make sure none of my other pictures get lost, I am going to start posting them all up.


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