Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby Shower

Okay - so I haven't updated this blog in forever and this update doesn't contain cookies OR cupcakes. But, it does have delicious treats and I wanted to remember them for future use.

On Saturday, my friend Bri and I hosted a baby shower for another friend who is due in June. I made a strawberry topiary for refreshments and also for decoration. I got this idea at a family girls night. One of my cousins made one and I loved it. She served it with sour cream and brown sugar. I've heard it is quite delectable but I won't touch sour cream unless it's baked into something so instead I made a fruit dip out of:
1 jar Marshmallow Puff
1 package (8 oz) cream cheese
2 Tbsp Lemon Juice
I know lots of people will use strawberry cream cheese but I just like it plain.
I love these topiaries because they really do look good once they are finished. Some of the downfalls of the topiary are:
1. It takes a TON of strawberries - well, not really a ton but about 4 pounds so try to get them when they are on sale.
2. Nobody eats the strawberries, they think it's just for decorations. In fact, some people at the shower thought it was fake - though the smell of strawberries was quite strong all around!

Put the two together and you end up with a lot of strawberries after the party! Luckily, I had another party that I was hosting after, so I just filled in the openings and re-used it. I've been eating strawberries daily since, but I absolutely love them so I'm okay with it.

This other picture is of the party favors I handed out. I got this idea from my cousin. They are Junior Mints wrapped in colorful paper. She used "It's a Girl" wrappers but my friend doesn't know what her baby will be yet so I just used pink, blue, and green papers.


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